KOMPETENZLABO – experiencing and promoting participation

The topic of participation is particularly important to us. Therefore, in addition to museum work, we offer the Competence Lab as a contact point for institutions, communities, and individuals who work with children and want to promote or further expand participatory structures.

Tout ce qui concerne la participation (des enfants) !

Building on many years of experience, the competence lab offers a wide range of further training, individual advice, and materials regarding participation. In addition, national projects are initiated together with partner institutions. This includes a children’s conference that takes place once every year and focuses on topics related to children’s rights, participation, and expression of opinion: the CHICO.

“Participation means
giving children a voice.”


What is further training and who can take part in it?

In our training courses, specialists from the non-formal education sector can test and discover participatory methods to shape their professional practice diversely.

What is specialist support?

As part of specialist support, the competence lab supports you in the participatory design of your projects with children. The scope and form of support are defined in a joint introductory meeting.

How long does specialist support last?

The duration of specialist support is individually adapted to the needs of the children and the facility and can therefore vary greatly over time.

Who do I contact if I am interested in further training or specialist support?

Please contact the Competence Lab at: Competencelabo@plomm.lu.

How much does further training or specialist advice cost?

The Competence Lab offers are free of charge.

What topics are there projects on?

All of the Competence Lab’s projects deal with the topic of children’s participation and its implementation in various areas. In this way, the participation of children in everyday decisions and the implementation of democratic processes can be addressed during a project.

How can I participate (with my institution) in the projects?

To stay up to date on our projects, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter and following us on our social media channels.

Welche Materialien gibt es hier zu entdecken?

Im Kompetenzlabo arbeiten wir fortlaufend Materialien zum Thema Kinderbeteiligung aus. Eine kleine Auswahl an Materialien kann über unsere E-mail kompetenzlabo@plomm.lu angefragt werden.

How much do the materials cost?

The materials are free of charge.