Get creative in our studios!

In our studios, children learn about a variety of means of expression and discover their creative potential. Particular attention is paid to the exchange of experiences and self encountering. Media and creative workshops on several topics take place throughout the year!

  • 3 rooms :
    media, creative and movement

  • Guided by artists and pedagogically trained staff

  • LU, GE,
    FR, ENG

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“The studios in PLOMM are places for children’s questions and answers!”

Try new things, laugh together, and put ideas into action!

In the PLOMM studios, children can playfully try out different forms of expression and design techniques – sometimes about the topic of an exhibition, sometimes completely independently from it. There is no right or wrong: we dive into fantasy worlds together and let our inspiration run wild! Of course, the main thing in all of this is fun!

Our studios are led by pedagogically trained staff and artists who support the children in turning their ideas into practice.


When can I book a workshop with you?

Our museum and our event program are currently still under development. Fixed courses are not open for reservation. From the opening onwards, a workshop in the museum will kick off for our guests as a free play space. No booking is needed. We will start selectively this summer with our workshops – including some on our beautiful terrace when the sun is shining! A fixed workshop program for school classes is also intended for the end of September. Stay tuned!

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Can my child visit a workshop alone?

This is not possible. The PLOMM studios are run by pedagogically trained staff. However, this does not replace the presence of supervisors.

Are there painting smocks on site or do I have to pack special clothing for my child?

Painting smocks in various sizes are available for our creative offers at PLOMM – so you don’t have to bring your painting smock. However, your child should wear clothing that can become dirty if the gown slips.