Planning & Arrival

Here you can find all information about your visit to the Kannermusée PLOMM.
We look forward to seeing you!

We will be open from 1st may 2024!

For educational institutions

09:00 – 15:00 TUE / THU / FRI 

13:00 – 17:00 WE

For private costumers

09:00 – 15:00 SA & Public holiday days

SU & MO closed

Our special opening hours from 09:00 - 15:00 apply on the following public holidays:




Information on how to get here

The Kannermusée PLOMM is located on the car-free Geenzepark campus. If possible, please travel by public transport. You can easily find our museum via a footpath from the train station.


Avenue de la Gare
L-9540 Wiltz

Campus Geenzepark

By train

The regional express runs every 30 minutes (Kautenbach – Wiltz)
+ 10 min. walk to the museum


!!! For the opening ceremony of the Kannermusée PLOMM on 28th April there will be 2 special trains (Luxembourg City – Wiltz) !!! More information here

By bus

Get off at the Gare de Wiltz stop
+ 10 min. walk to the museum

By car

limited number of parking spaces available around the station

+ 10 min. walk to the museum

Questions about your visit

Can I take a stroller into the exhibition?

Logistically, it is rather difficult to take buggies and strollers into the exhibition area. We therefore ask that you leave the trolleys in the cloakroom area and not take them into the exhibitions.

Can I leave my stroller in the museum?

That’s no problem! There is a parking space for prams and buggies in the cloakroom area of the museum so that you can move around as freely as possible during your visit and without a lot of luggage.

Are there lockers on site?

No, we currently have no option for individuals to lock up valuables. You can leave jackets, bags and shoes in our cloakroom area – but you should take valuables with you. For school classes and groups from care and educational institutions, we have lockable cupboards so that valuables can be stored and protected.

Are there baby changing facilities in the museum?

Yes. Our toilets are equipped with changing facilities and hygiene products are also available in case of emergency. If you can’t find this, please let us know at the checkout so that our staff can help you!

Can I bring food and drinks with me?

For hygiene reasons, it is not permitted to take food and drinks into our exhibition rooms. Before and after the visit, you can enjoy small snacks that you have brought yourself in the entrance area of the museum. In addition, small snacks and drinks are also available for purchase.

Is there a museum café or restaurant on site?

Our museum café is currently still under construction and food and drinks cannot be sold. However, there are tables and chairs available in the café area so that you can consume food and drinks that you have brought with you.

Is there a museum shop?

Our museum shop is currently still under construction.

Questions about your arrival

How many minutes before a guided discovery trip should I be at the museum?

We ask all guests to arrive at the museum 15 minutes before their guided journey of discovery so that there is enough time to check tickets, hang up jackets, stow bags, etc. so the guided journey of discovery can start on time.

Are there parking spaces at the museum?

The Kannermusée PLOMM is located on the car-free Geenzepark campus. Therefore, parking directly in front of the museum building is unfortunately not possible. However, there are parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the museum, which we have shown on the map above. We recommend traveling by public transport.

How long do I have to walk from the car park/train station to the museum?

The museum entrance is 350 m from the car park/ trains station. You should plan on walking for 5-10 minutes for this route.

Can I get to the museum without any problems with a stroller, buggy or handcart?

Currently, access to the museum grounds is only possible via a bridge and stairs. Strollers, buggies, and handcarts must be carried down the stairs independently. If you need assistance with this, please contact our cashier staff on +352 958370-855 or via