Can you imagine a tree in the middle of a museum? A tree for you to climb and explore from its roots all the way up to its crown. Would you dare to climb up to its nest that awaits you at the top? Have you noticed the different types of bark on its trunk?

As its name suggests, the Tree of Tales  is overflowing with tales to be told, much to the delight of most children and many adults.

Babies will feel especially safe crawling through the Tree’s roots with their parents or caretakers, while older children might venture up the trunk on their own and make the full climb up to the crown. Along the way, they will meet inhabitants of the Tree and their imagination will make up stories about them. They can share what they have found out and contemplate the concept of friendship.

In this way children of all ages are invited to playfully develop their language skills while discovering the values of living together.

A visit of the Tree of Tales  lasts 60 minutes and takes place in a group, accompanied by a mediator. We respect the pace and wishes of each child during the entire visit so that they may feel free and safe to explore their surroundings.