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A haven for children aged 0 to 12


We believe in building an inclusive society by nurturing critical thinking and self- expression in our young visitors. Through creative methods and playful learning, PLOMM tackles important topics that resonate with children’s everyday lives. Our participatif exhibits and collaborative programs empower children to shape their experiences and make their voices heard.

Explore PLOMM’s various spaces


Climb the Tree of Tales, where stories bloom from roots to crown, fostering language skills and the spirit of togetherness. Immerse yourself in LOVE, an extraordinary exhibition exploring the diverse forms of love through art, play, and self-expression. Unleash your creativity in our thematic Workshops, guided by artists and experts, as you delve into captivating subjects and crafts. And discover the Kompetenzlabo, a hub for fostering dialogue, participatory learning, and empowering young voices in shaping our tomorrow.

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