The children’s museum PLOMM

PLOMM is a member of the “Hands on! – International Association of Children in Museums” network, which was founded in the 1990s. This network comprises more than 90 international partner institutions and aims to increase the awareness, visibility and valorisation of children in museums. PLOMM is the only children’s museum in Luxembourg and owes its existence to Herbert Maly (former director of COOPERATIONS asbl) and the municipality of Wiltz, who have been advocating for the benefits of such a museum in Luxembourg since 2010. Without the support of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and the Kannerbureau Wooltz asbl however PLOMM would not be able to open its doors. Its creation is also, above all, the result of the efforts of the Kannerbureau Wooltz, which has been actively working since 2012 to create opportunities in which children can not only express their opinions and ideas but also communicate them to local decision-makers.

Meeting at eye level: children and adults in a shared society

PLOMM promotes community values and participation of its young audiences in society. To achieve this goal, the museum supports children in developing their critical thinking and contributing to societal debates that are usually reserved for adults. At PLOMM, children are empowered to form and express their own opinions.

This attitude is an integral part of PLOMM’s work, as young audiences are invited to collaborate with the museum to develop its content and programme. In 2022 and 2023, various “Maach Mat!” (“Participate!”) projects and workshops are offered to give children the opportunity to actively participate in the Children’s Museum even before its opening. Amongst others, children will have the opportunity to help shape the museum’s first exhibition LOVE or the stories in the Tree of Tales.

"Maach mat!" Projects

PLOMM is dedicated to the community and offers its visitors the opportunity to participate in the artistic co-creation of the exhibitions or in the upcoming “Children’s Council”, whose votes will impact the determining of future programmes. The first Children’s Council will be established with the opening of the museum in 2024.

By addressing serious subjects through creative methods, PLOMM encourages learning in a playful environment, awakening the joy of discovering new things in children.

Empowering children’s autonomous thinking through art and culture

At PLOMM, children are allowed to move freely, touch everything, take their time and try out playful activities around current everyday themes. A visit to the museum stimulates children’s creativity as well as their curiosity and imagination, so that they can gather new experiences while enjoying themselves. PLOMM welcomes children in spaces specially designed for them: inclusive materials which are accessible to multicultural audiences enables them to understand even complex topics at a young age and share their personal opinions through child friendly decision-making processes.

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L’échange et la réflexion avec les enfants sont au cœur du travail de l’équipe du PLOMM

Throughout the year, the team develops projects and spaces that enable children and adults to come together, listen to each other and share their perspectives – without language barriers, because the Children’s Museum uses the universal language of art.

As a national resource center PLOMM is designed to meet the needs of the non-formal education in terms of child participation. PLOMM shares the experiences it gains on the field and in close contact with children with a wider audience. By providing practical methods, PLOMM promotes the active participation of children in society at a national level.

The concept of the "Kompetenzlabo”