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Get on board a peculiar train heading for the place where LOVE resides: the very centre of our planet. Love is the matter that all its inhabitants need to survive and just like the heart in a body it fuels Planet Earth with energy. Your mission? Go down there and make sure that the source keeps flowing.

On display until August 2025,

LOVE is the first temporary exhibition on show at PLOMM and was developed by its educational team with the artistic direction of three international artists.

Love is a universal experience and yet each love feels utterly unique.

Through artistic and intuitive design this journey introduces children to new ways of seeing and thinking about love in all its forms. They will go around exploring the many different installations and find new things to touch, look at, listen to, and play with. They will create musical compositions based on their own heartbeats or wander through a forest of “hugging stones” feeling their embrace.

The LOVE exhibition is designed to allow visitors to find new ways to talk about love without necessarily having to use words but rely on art and play to express themselves.

A visit of the exhibition lasts 90 minutes and takes place in a group, accompanied by a mediator. We offer a mix between guided moments and free play in our exhibition and the children can choose to explore it on their own or together.

LOVE is a temporary exhibition addressing a topic which relates to children’s everyday experiences. The goal of the exhibition? To playfully engage young audiences in dialogues that concern us all.