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Discover PLOMM !

Hey there! Get ready to explore PLOMM, Luxembourg’s first children’s museum opening in 2024! Located in Wiltz, at the heart of the new neighborhood “Wunne mat der Wooltz”, PLOMM – which means “feather” in Luxembourgish – is the first museum in Luxembourg for children aged 0 to 12. While you can’t visit us yet, our website offers sneak peeks into the magic that awaits inside!

The Tree of Tales

Can you imagine a tree in the middle of a museum? A tree for you to climb and explore from its roots all the way up to its crown. Would you dare to climb up to its nest that awaits you at the top? Have you noticed the different types of bark on its trunk?

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Get on board a peculiar train heading for the place where LOVE resides: the very centre of our planet. Love is the matter that all its inhabitants need to survive and just like the heart in a body it fuels Planet Earth with energy. Your mission? Go down there and make sure that the source keeps flowing.

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Our Workshops

Would you like to delve deeper into a particular subject or take part in a workshop led by artists or experts?

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Our « Kompetenzslabo » (Skillslab)

How can we cooperate with children in building the world of tomorrow and value their perspective in our society? How can they get involved in the process of decision-making and be considered as full citizens rather than citizens-to-be? These are just some of the questions that the Kompetenz Labo addresses by applying experimental and creative methods.

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